Animals that Becomed of World Cup Mascot

Football is most favorit sport in the world. Do you know world cup ? World cup is the biggest football event organized by FIFA. Since last held in 1930, the world cup has been drawing attention of the world community. Not only presents the best football matches, world cup often bring unique things are of course interesting to say. One interesting thing in the world cup is a mascot. A lot of the animals were used as the mascot of the world cup. Here are the animals that had become the mascot of the world cup :
1. Lion, world cup 1966 in England
The idea of making the mascot was sparked at the 1966 in England. At that time, lion named Willy chosen as a symbol depicting the mighty British empire.

World Cup Maskot

2. Dog, world cup 1994 in the United States
15th edition of the world cup in the United States was elected a dog becomed mascot world cup in this year. Striker is the name of this mascot. Striker was a dog wearing a USA uniform with the words “USA 94 “.

  USA World Cup Mascot

3. Fowl, world cup 1998 in France
Footix is a fowl. Fowl is one of the national symbols of France. Footix wearing t-shirts with the words ” FRANCE 98 ” on the chest. Footix name comes from the word “foot” which means “soccer” with the suffix “- ix” from Astérix.

  France World Cup Maskot

4. Lion, world cup 2006 in Germany
Goleo is a lion wearing a Germany shirt with the number 06 and and Pille is a talking soccer ball named Pille. Goleo is derived from the word “goal” and “leo”, the Latin word of the lion.

  Germany World Cup Mascot

5. Leopard , world cup 2010 in South Afika
Zakumi is the mascot’s name of the 2010 world cup held in South Africa. Zakumi is a leopard with green hair eccentric. In 2010 Zakumi will be 16 years old, which will be celebrated globally with the 2010 world cup crown.

  South Africa World Cup Maskot

6. Armadillo, world cup 2014 in Bazil
At the 2014 world cup title, Brazil chose armadillo named Fuleco to become a mascot. Armadillo are small placental mammals that have a shield on his body. Fuleco born on January 1, 2000 which indicates that he is the first armadillos were born in the new millennium. In 2014 14-year -old will Fuleco , which will be celebrated globally with the headline world cup.

  Brazil World Cup Mascot
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10 The Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

Basically, eating is one of the basic needs for human beings, but when used as a commercial enterprise meal, eat slowly become one of the properties that distinguish human lifestyle among the rich to the poor. the growing period, the more established restaurants that offer food at prices that are very surprising.

1. Aragawa restaurants in Tokyo
Portions one person: 368 USD
Steak house is located in Tokyo's Shinbashi district is famous for its beef treats, but in fact beef is the main menu which they contributed. The restaurant is working exclusively with a ranch and serve steaks with pepper and mustard only.

2. Restaurant Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée in Paris
Portions one person: 231 USDThree Alain Ducasse restaurant has opened recently. One of them is housed in a grandest hotel in Paris has only 50 seats and 55 staff restaurant. The main menu is the most seductive te volaille de bresse, which consists of a special spineless chicken reared in Burgundy. Before you had booked flights to Paris: please note that the restaurant is closed for 1 month each summer is also the final days before Christmas. 

3. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in London
Portions one person: 183 USDA British chef, Gordon Ramsay, opened a restaurant named after the owner was in 1998. Although he introduced a second recently at Claridge's, the location at the Royal Hospital Road remains a cafà © mingle choice for visitors who carefully. This restaurant has only 13 tables and only five containing two benches and must be booked in advance exactly 2 months. Telephone line has opened at 9.00 every morning. Variety of menu options including pigeon with foie gras (liver paste for seasoning) and Cornish lamb. 

4. Sushi Kaji Restaurant in Toronto
Portions one person: 109 USDExecutive Chef restaurant Sushi Kaji, Mitsuhiro Kaji, who come from Japan in 1980, sending the fish directly from Tokyo less than a day after being arrested and served right on the day the fish arrived and he was not going to save the fish. With a menu for each person available starting from 80 dollars, 100 dollars and 120 dollars, a serving dish at Sushi Kaji could be sensational depending on your mood. Various dishes include watermelon and strawberry soup, barbecue catfish and pickled cucumber and fluke (a type of flat fish) fried with a spicy tomato sauce. 

5. Restaurant Queue de Cheval Steak House in Montreal
Portions one person: 85 USDNot surprisingly, the Queue de Cheval is famous for its corn-fed beef, dried for 35 days in storage areas eat meat before it is prepared and served. The hungry visitors can choose from a choice piece of meat between the ribs with the prime sirloin, who poured a bottle of wine from California or Australia wines in underground storage.

6. Restaurant El Amparo in Madrid
Portions one person: 70 USDHoused in a carriage house that has been redesigned, Basque of El Amparo is one of the prettiest restaurants in Madrid. List an outstanding wine list includes a complete selection of wines from the Iberian Peninsula, and selected dishes include cold salmon with tomato sorbet. Small portions of this famous restaurant just to take you to come back in the evening, but if you are hungry after the main course, then enjoy the chocolate souffle is the most appropriate choice.

7. Whampoa Club restaurant in Shanghai

Portions one person: 63 USDHalf of the dining experience at the Whampoa Club is located at Three on the Bund, a retail trade in the city of Shanghai lux with proper dining room overlooking the river and the sparkling lights of the city coupled with the decor of the restaurant, such as the giant crystal chandeliers, private room bounded glass painted with beautiful pastel and wall panels with fancy Art Nouveau design. The cuisine is also no doubt deliciousness. Jereme Leung, a chef from Hong Kong chef who has started cooking since the age of 13 years, the traditional Shanghai dishes prepared in a modern way, such as drunken chicken and beef strips are crisp and dried orange peel.

8. Boeucc restaurants in Milan
Portions one person: 62 USDRestaurants require patrons to wear this jacket is located in the center of Milan and reportedly is the oldest restaurant in this town (discovered in 1696). Good service proves that this restaurant has indeed been long standing. You can taste the bright yellow saffron risotto looks so delicious, veal laced with smooth potato.

9. Acquarello restaurants in Munich
Eating one portion: 125 USDMediterranean-style Italian restaurant has a wall fresco pastel colors and provide all kinds of menus ranging from pigeon, veal, until pasta. A variety of fish dishes like salmon flavored leeks and caviar or dorade for serving two people who watered orange-scented sauce celery really very decent to eat.

10. Alberto Ciarla restaurant in Rome
Eating one portion: 113 USDThere are several delicious options menu package with a price of its own in this fancy Italian restaurant; each packet has 6 kinds of bread, and each different flavor options tailored to the latest and fresh. Fishermen menu offers seven dishes, including the linguini (thin long pasta) mixed with a tasty tuna, pasta tagliatelle with roasted snails, and thin pieces of sword fish
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Unique Fact about Pencil

Pencil had stories. Not only as stationery for the exams or the drawing tools most commonly known, but much more.

Well, here are some interesting facts about the pencil.

1. Every year 14 billion pencils are produced worldwide. The largest in the United States (2 billion sticks). If all of the pencil used to create lines, 64 lines will be created around the world.

2. One pencil can write 40 thousand words, equivalent to a line 35 miles long.

3. Originally a pencil used to mark sheep. Properties of graphite (pencil base material), which makes software easy breeder incised markings on the skin of a goat.

4. Pencil was first created in 1565 in England, but only a century later mass-produced in Germany.

5. On March 30, 1858, man creates an eraser. Most of Europe does not use a pencil eraser on his ass. Unlike in the U.S. that use a pencil eraser.

6. Each tree trunk with an average size will produce 170 thousand pencils.

7. Pencils made ​​by Ashrita Furman of the largest in New York. Length 23 m, weight 10 tons, and costs U.S. $ 20 thousand.

8. Pencils were given bright colors to be easily found. Pencil has a hexagonal shape (not round) in order not to roll on a flat surface.

9. Pencil sharpeners first created and patented by the French mathematician, Bernard Lassimone, in 1828. Previously it was sharpening a pencil with a knife.
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Five Best Cities for Woman

If Elizabeth Gilbert in her book Eat, Pray, Love, chose the three countries to seek pleasure (Italy), balance (India), and love (Indonesia), Loren Chidoni, Women's Health magazine's editors chose the five best cities for women. According to him, the five cities has a secret to be healthy, happy, and fit.

Evoke the mood in San Jose, California

If you want to look fresher with positive feelings, come to San Jose, California. The city is recorded in the second position to the lowest level of depression in America. Positive message gained from this city is because 30 percent of women in there working out twice a week. According to Women's Health survey, this figure is quite high compared to other cities in America.Sudeepta Varma, MD, assistant clinical professor of psychiatry at NYU Langone Medical Center says exercise stimulates production of endorphins, hormones that trigger positive feelings. Even light activity such as walking and weight training can reduce depression, he said.

San Jose is also a city with a sunny climate with an average of 300 days a year sunny climates. Impact, locals often absorb serotonin (mood plant hormones) and vitamin D. Drying the body with warm sunshine for five to 30 minutes it takes the body two times a week, a source of natural vitamin D intake.

Healthy with organic food in Seattle, Washington

Formerly, women in this town often attacked by heart disease. Disease will be the "killer" many women Seattle. The effect is present, the more entrenched a healthy lifestyle. It would be very easy to find stores that sell organic food in Seattle. No wonder that 28 percent of women claimed to Seattle eating fruits and vegetables five times a day, as a snack.

Sharonne Hayes, MD, Director of the Cardiac Clinic for Women (Women's Heart Clinic), Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota suggests, a number of heart-healthy foods can be added in the diet such as oatmeal, almonds, walnuts, and salmon.

Jogging lovers paradise in Minneapolis, Minnesota

The city has 929 lakes and 13 miles of paved road on the beach (jogging track) called St Minneapolis area. Paul. No wonder, if Minneapolis is listed as the fourth largest city with the largest number of women jogging enthusiasts. The city also got the label of the lowest death rate from breast cancer.

Jennifer Ligibel, MD, an oncologist at Boston's Dana-Farber Cancer Institute explains that women with high physical activity had 30-40 percent lower tendency to suffer from breast cancer. How, with the exercise routine that will reduce levels of estrogen and other hormones, which trigger the formation of breast cancer tumors. Should do regular exercise 45 minutes, five days a week, he added.

Find a mate in Fargo, North Dakota

Ratio of single women and men in Fargo is 79 women to 100 men, so the chances of finding a partner in the city is very open. Of course, this offer applies to you are the kind who like foreign men.

Youth living in Lincoln, Nebraska

The average age of living in this city is 80 years old, this figure is beating several American cities. The secret, typical of fresh air Lincoln. Dirty air was never detected in this city from 2004 to 2008. The number of people back and forth also only 17 minutes, which means reducing the density and stress level.

"The lack of similar stress levels by reducing the rate of blood pressure, this is one of the secrets of living longer and healthier lives," says Nieca Goldberg, MD, Director of the NYU Women's Heart Center.
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Unique Fact about Breast

For each woman, the breast is one of the most valuable asset of their bodies. In addition to symbolizing the beauty and femininity, the fact also shows that the breast can arouse sexual desire.
Actually, there are many more shocking facts about breast cancer, who previously may never know. Here are 7 interesting facts about women's breasts, as described in the Times of India:

1. The left breast is usually largerIt is rather difficult to see. However, generally the size of the left breast is always bigger than the right. The size and shape of both breasts may not be the same. In fact, the nipple also vary in size from each other.

2. There is a fine hair on the nipplesGrowth of fine hairs on his chest may be used. But what if this happens to women? True. Women also have hair that grows in the breast, on the nipple area. In fact, blackheads and acne can also appear on your breast.

3. The average woman's breasts weighed 0.5 kgThe average breast weighs about 0.5 kilograms. Each breast accounts for 4-5 percent of body fat. Thus, 1 percent of the total weight of a woman's body from fat in the breast. Breasts can be enlarged when the female adulthood. But remember, women smokers tend to have sagging breasts than those who do not smoke.

4. More than 2 million women have fake breastsCall it like Pamela Anderson and Katie Price. More than 2 million women have breast implants. This figure shows that many women consider their breasts. But in reality, not all women who have breast surgery are satisfied with the results obtained. Research shows that the average age of women using the implant was 34 years old.

5. Breasts become larger when arousedJust as the penis, the breast will enlarge and become tense when aroused. This is true of the nipple.

6. Breast becomes uncomfortable when shakenA number of fission activity such as jogging, walking, and aerobics can cause shaking or shocks in the breast. Therefore, wear a bra with the right size to minimize the movement so that you can also reduce pain in the breast. Remember, the primary function of the bra is to protect the health of your breasts.

7. Breasts can change shapeIt sounds a bit ridiculous, but the tummy during sleep is believed to alter the shape of the breast. Important to always keep the sleeping position in the right conditions so as to maintain the firmness and shape of your breasts. The best sleeping position is to sleep sideways and use a pillow as a cushion to keep the breast form is maintained during sleep.
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5 Richest Women in England

Who are the top 5 richest and most successful women in the England there?

1. J K Rowling
£ 647 million. Author of Harry Potter. March 2010 he became the richest writer in revenue of 1 billion dollars.

2. Amanda Staveley
37-year-old with the new £ 80 million finance. Barclay help investment and buy Manchester City FC when it was taken by Sheikh Mansour Arab royal family.

3. Judy Craymer
52 years. He was behind the opera musical Mamma Mia. Has a 50% share by revenue £ 750 million per year of opera companies. Now estimated to have £ 4 million of the money shownya only.

4. Natalie Massenet
He was behind the Noughties are successful in business. 44 years old. He has an online store with a value of £ 50 million.

5. Judy Nake
£ 30 million. He was behind St Tropez. Develop the business as a teacher.
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